Payment to Suppliers
CMPC keeps payment conditions for its suppliers, large companies and MiPymes in line with current legislation in each country.
We remind you that at the time of invoicing it is important to compulsorily incorporate the ID numbers according to the type of purchase. If you have any questions, please review sections 5 and 6, to ensure the payment in a timely manner.


For status of payment of your documents, do not hesitate to contact us indicating the company's tax identification number (RUT, RUC, CUIT, RFC, etc.), company name and invoice number(s) to the following emails: 

  • CMPC Chile: 
  • Forsac Perú: 
  • Forsac México: 
  • FABI Argentina: 
  • Forestal Bosques del Plata Arg.: 
  • CMPC USA: 
  • CMPC Riograndense Brasil:
  • CMPC Iguazú Brasil:

**UNDER CONSTRUCTION *Coming Soon** CMPC will have a portal enabled where you can check the status of your invoices online.


Did you know that in 2019 the Company managed to obtain the Pro Pyme seal for companies in Chile in which the payment in 30 days was committed to this type of companies, reflecting the commitment to the promotion and development of its SME suppliers, anticipating the entry into force of Chilean Law No. 21,131, "30-day payment law“

After obtaining the Pro Pyme certification, the company assumed the commitment to pay these types of companies within 7 days. A large part of the local suppliers are part of this group, seeing themselves positively impacted by this initiative.


Did you know that in 2022 the Apoyo CMPC program was created. A Marketplace - operated by Monkey Exchange - that allows suppliers in Chile to anticipate the payment of invoices in a simple, agile way and at lower costs than a traditional factoring process, thereby democratizing access to working capital, especially for our MiPymes suppliers . The program is part of CMPC's Sustainability strategy that seeks to support the financial well-being of its supply chain.

For more information about the program, check out our video:

CMPC Support Program from CMPC on Vimeo.

To enter or register on the platform, access through CMPC Support Program or QR code:


Learn step by step how to register with our: "QUICK GUIDE TO REGISTRATION TO THE MONKEY PLATFORM"


The cycle of purchases and payments involves different areas that participate, in the first instance the area of purchases of goods and services, later the area of reception of material and/or service and finally the Sub-Management of Payments, whose main objective is to register documents. tax and non-tax laws, ensuring payment within the term established, in accordance with CMPC's internal Policies and current Regulations.

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